Sunshine Blogger Award: Fantasy Thoughts

The Sunshine Blogger Award 1 Attempt 1

Several weeks ago, the ever-incredible Jenelle Schmidt tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger award! To be honest, I did not see her tag until recently because finals has kept me in a dark abyss that even my obsession with blogging could not alight. But with only one final left, the sun is beginning to brighten my finals-abyss so I’m blogging again! (get it? brighten? Sunshine Award? …yeah, I’ve been studying too much. I’ll stop)

Anyway, here are the rules!

A. Thank the person who tagged you.

Why, thank you Jenelle! If you (“you” referring to any non-Jenelle human) have not visited her blog, I definitely suggest you do so! You can check it out HERE. Also, this tag was created by Liv Fisher, who admittedly, I don’t really know, but she made this neato tag! And her blog seems really cool! Check it out HERE.

B. Copy and answer the eleven questions provided.

C. Tag up to eleven new bloggers to complete the challenge.

…yeah, as much as I love blogging, I can’t really select eleven bloggers yet. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want this blog to BE, you know? So, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

D. Write eleven new questions for them to answer. 

I’ll do that at the end of this post! I will also have all of the rules at the bottom of the post for your copy-and-paste ease!

Now, let’s get to Jenelle’s fantastical questions!

1. What mythical creatures do you wish were featured in more fantasy books?

This is a hard question! Personally, I’m partial to mythological sea creatures, such as hydras, leviathans, and hippocampus (hippocampi??). There is a lot of unused potential in these sorts of creatures.

2. If you had to spend a month in one dangerous fantasy location (Mordor, the Forbidden Forest, the Evil Queen’s Castle… etc) which one would you choose and why?

I would probably choose the Lord Ruler’s palace, Kredik Shaw, from Mistborn. I don’t think it would be that hard to survive- I could shave my head and tattoo my face to look like an Obligator. I’d have to avoid being too awesome though, cuz I don’t really fancy being made into a Steel Inquisitor… the whole spike through the face thing just doesn’t appeal to me.

3. You suddenly find yourself as a side-character in a fairy tale. Which fairy tale are you in and what is your side-kick role?

This isn’t exactly a fairy tale, but I immediately thought of Vivien from Howard Pyle’s King Arthur tales. Morgan Le Faye, upon seeing how powerful the talented sorceress Vivien could become, takes Vivien under her wing and trains her. She eventually asks Vivien if she will aide her in destroying Merlin, and Vivien agrees. Don’t get me wrong- I love Colin Morgan to pieces, but the Merlin in these tales is an old man who is constantly lusting after teenage women and yeah, yeah, I know it was the time, but that’s no excuse. I’d be all for destroying him. So yeah. Vivien.

4. What is your favorite flavor of fantasy? (Fairy tale retelling, Epic/High Fantasy Adventure, Quests, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Coming-of-Age, etc?)

I love High Fantasy, but I think my favorite stories don’t necessarily fit into a genre, but into a theme. I love incredibly different, quirky stories. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke is a new favorite, and I have also recently discovered the amazingness that is The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. Both of these break common cliches while also offering incredible characters and plot.

5. Who is your favorite fantasy hero/heroine? Why?

Hermione Granger, easily. She’s brilliant, she’s bossy, she’s unapologetic about who she is and what she wants, but she’s also relatable, insecure in her own strengths, and often ruthless. I love everything about her.

6. You are granted one fantasy ability or “gift” from a fairy godmother. What is it?

I’d probably ask for the ability to shapeshift in order to begin my life as an elephant. Sounds cool.

7. You find yourself the hero/heroine of a fantasy story. What is your profession and how will it help you on your adventure?

Crime scene investigator/ detective! I’ve noticed that my top 5 favorite TV shows (Sherlock, SupernaturalDoctor Who, Jessica Jones, and Person of Interest) all involve crime-solving in a fantastical setting or with fantastical powers (and yes, Sherlock too, because the method of loci does not work in the way that his mind palace is depicted as working, hence, the fantasy of it). Also, I’m studying anthropological forensic science in order to BE a crime scene investigator, so I suppose that explains both my desire to be one in a fantasy reality, and also my taste in entertainment.

8. Who is your favorite fantasy villain? Why?

Currently, it’s Gaston from the live-action Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely love the darker, sociopathic angle they took with him. Luke Evans played him wonderfully.

9. Fantasy steed of choice?


10. If you suddenly found yourself transported to a fantasy world, what weapon would you hope to be wielding?

Probably a pistol, since I’m a decent shot with one. If we’re talking a medieval fantasy world where I would have no chance of finding bullets, then probably a bow.

11. (I’m stealing one from Jenelle!) You are holding a very pretty book in your hands. Describe it.

It’s minimalistic, with the title of the book written in simple font, taking precedence in the center. The author’s name is smaller, almost hidden, possibly not even on the front cover. The colors are gray-toned, except the use of a single striking neon color. There’s only one image on the cover, and it is aesthetic in it’s ambiguity. If it’s an object, it’s meaning can only be discovered through reading the book (it’s meaning is not made clear by the title or by the back cover synopsis). If it’s a person, the face is definitely obscured/mostly obscured.

Now for my questions!

1. List your five favorite TV shows. Why are these five your favorites?

2. Which do you prefer: romances or bromances? Why? (bromances do not necessarily have to be between two guys, btw)

3. If you could adapt any book/series into a well-made TV show, which would it be and why?

4. If you were a villain, what would be your goal(s) and motivation(s)? How could you be turned “good”?

5. Who is/are the fictional character(s) you relate to most, and why?

6. What was your favorite childhood TV show? Why did you enjoy it?

7. Alas, Peter Capaldi is soon to be leaving Doctor Who. Who do you think ought to be cast as the Doctor? (If you have not seen Doctor Who, which actor/actress would you cast as a time-traveling reincarnating alien obsessed with saving humanity, running, and screwdrivers? Also, what are you doing with your life?? Watch it!)

8. Pick your favorite TV show and gender-swap it. How would this effect the characters and plot, if at all? How would you recast the show?

9. What do you think is the future of television programming in light of the rise in original content being produced on Netflix, Youtube/ Youtube Red, Hulu, and other such sites?

10. If you could adapt one TV show into a well-written book/series, which would it be and why? In particular, how would you handle POV?

11. Movies, TV shows, and books all have different systems for ratings (movies have the MPAA rating system, TV shows have the TV Parental Guidelines, and books have age levels). Should all of these rating systems be combined into one rating system for all forms of entertainment? Why or why not?

And, as promised, here are the rules!

A. Thank the person who tagged you.

B. Copy and answer the eleven questions provided.

C. Tag up to eleven new bloggers to complete the challenge.

D. Write eleven new questions for them to answer.

If you do the challenge, definitely link to it in the comments because I would love to see your answers! Also, if you have already done the challenge, feel free to answer any of the questions I created in the comments; I’m really interested in everyone’s thoughts.

Have a lovely day, nerds!


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